Shop Tasmania


As a marketing company, Media Marketing Group saw the need for an online marketplace that would allow large and small businesses alike an equal playing field on the internet, and thus Shop Tasmania was born!

Tasmanian Deals at Your Fingertips.

As Shop Tasmania grew, it knew exactly where it wanted to be – everywhere! While Shop Tasmania had developed a strong website and social media user base, they wanted to create a way for users to easily access great local deals while out and about. What they needed was a smartphone app.

But how to create an app without it costing a fortune? That’s where Tazzy Apps stepped in. We teamed up with Shop Tasmania to create a mobile app design that captures their colourful and helpful brand in a convenient new format. Once approved, mobile app development began, bringing their mobile app to life.

Finding Offers Near You!

For the Shop Tasmania app, our locations feature was a key selling point. It allows mobile app users to find offers and businesses nearby. So when customers are travelling around Tasmania, or are simply out shopping, they can find offers they can use immediately.

Get Notified!

When push comes to shove, letting your users know when there is a great new deal or offer is key for any business. The Shop Tasmania app utilises our Push Notification option, that allows them to send out notifications directly to users phones.

These can be scheduled to certain days and times, and be sent to all users or specific geo-locations. It’s a great mobile app tools that lets Shop Tasmania communicate directly to engaged app users.

Working With, Not Against.

As mentioned, Shop Tasmania already had a well-designed active website, so when building the app we worked with the website rather than creating every feature from scratch. The website already has a built-in purchase and coupon system that worked on mobile devices, so the app easily loads the relevant website pages when users interact with the app. We think smarter, not harder, at Tazzy Apps.

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