Your customers are mobile, is your business?

Our apps come with a range of pre-made features. Pick and choose the app features that best match your business and needs from the list on the right.

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It sounds like you need a customised app that meets your business where it is! With our fully customised apps, we deliver an integrated solution that gives you full control of how your app functions. With our custom app plans, we deliver fully integrated eCommerce solutions - from website to app. Tell us about your requirements, and our team can build a solution!

Mobile Shopping

With Mobile Shopping, you’ll be able to sell your products from one or several stores. Users can pay online with Paypal or Stripe, or pay at your store or on delivery.

Event Listings

Make an event of it! With Events Listing, you can create an event that allows you to take bookings & sell tickets, right in your app, easy!

Food Ordering

Mobile makes it easier to order food right from your app. With the food ordering feature, You’ll be able to offer your customers more ways to order their favourites!

In-App Messages

Get the word out to your audience. With In-App Messages, you can send app messages to all or specific users of your app. Have a promotion, plug it easily with In-App Messages.

Digital Loyalty

Build up a loyal customer base with Progressive Loyalty. This is a loyalty card you won’t lose. Reward your customers as they buy from you. You can give your customers smaller rewards from the first points they earn, building up to a larger rewards later on. This can help to keep your app users loyal by incentivising them to continue using the app.

Push Notifications

With the Push Notifications feature, you can send messages directly to individuals or groups. Great for getting the word out about an offer your customers can’t miss.

GPS Directions

Never get lost again! the maps feature lets app users find a business’ location with simple directions.

Social Integrations

Think social media without the ads, or the annoying relatives! This feature will allow you to create a place in your app where your users will be able to interact with each other.

Media Gallery

Your customers are mobile, is your business? Our apps come with a range of features. Pick your payment level below, and then pick the app features that best suit your business!

Mobile Bookings

With mobile booking, your business can let customers book through your app. A great app feature for businesses that like to plan ahead!

Mobile Appointments

With the Appointments feature, you’re able to create a beautiful appointment/reservation system, native to your app.

Mobile Catalog

With catalog, you can easily create a place for users to see your products in a single page.

QR Scanner

With the QR Scanner, your customers can use their camera to flash a QR Code access specific content. Great for letting users consume information at their own pace.

Marketing Funnel

Automate an unlimited series of push messages to your app users, set up to your requirements within the app. This feature makes automated marketing easy!

RSS Feed

Link your business to a blog, news feed and more directly through your app! Adding an RSS feed to your app lets you choose which content to add to your blog, updated automatically so you don't have to do anything!


All about Audio, This feature lets you add your favourite audio files to your app. Great for entertainment or breaking up learning content through Audio.


With the radio feature, you can add radio streaming to your app.

Submission Forms

The form feature lets you create custom and efficient forms using different formatting and input options. Let your customers reach you directly through your app!


Using the weather feature, you can create location-based weather info, updated automatically and based on user locations.


Get to know your audience with analytics. Easy to use, easy to help plan your next offer.

Woo Commerce

The woo-commerce Link feature lets you link a new or existing woo-commerce store to iOS and Android apps.

Meal Deals

Set the table with this great app feature. Great for helping customers see your full food offering, the Meal Deals feature lets you add your full menu in one easy-to-find place.


Make note-taking easy with the Journal feature! with the journal feature, you can add notes and comment on other app users’ notes.


Increase sales for your business with the Reviews feature! Send out a friendly reminder to your app users to tell others about your business.

QR Loyalty

With QR Loyalty, you can create discount coupons that can be scanned to unlock. Once unlocked your user can use the coupon whenever they want.


With the Videos feature you’ll be able to integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Podcasts.


The Attendance feature allows app users to check in and check out daily for jobs.

Make your brand personal

Your customers are mobile, so is your business? Our apps come with a range of features. Contact our sales team to get an idea of your new app!