Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in retail app development for your business?

Mobile apps give brands the chance to reach their audience with a more controlled, convenient and personal experience.

How do apps make money?

This is up to your business model. Some apps charge a fee to download the app; others will allow advertisements on their apps. However, mobile marketing trends show most apps are used as a marketing tool. Those who use an app as a marketing tool make their money by advertising to their engaged customer directly through the mobile device – such as sending push notifications when they have a sale. This is similar to email marketing but with many more options to engage and interact with your customer base.

How do free apps make money?

Free apps often make their money in two ways – by featuring advertisements in their app or by utilising the app as a marketing tool. Most businesses wouldn’t charge people to subscribe to their eNewsletter, and app development for retail is much the same. Businesses with a free retail app make their money by engaging and interacting with their engaged customers through the app – such as by sending push notifications when they have promotions or reminding them of the loyalty points they have to spend.

What is the process of marketing an app?

After you have created your app, it doesn’t stop there. You will need to market and advertise your app, so people know about it. This is important because if people don’t download your app, you can’t utilise it to engage with your customers. At Tazzy Apps, we’re happy to work with you to create marketing campaigns through both traditional and digital media to get your app out to your customers. The best process for marketing your app really comes down to the best way to reach your customers. This varies depending on your business and app development.

Why is mobile app pricing so expensive? Why is Tazzy Apps different?

Most custom application development agencies build apps from scratch by offering custom app development solutions. This is great for large franchise businesses but is very expensive and time-intensive to create, with prices in excess of $100,000. At Tazzy Apps, we want apps to be available to every business. We use a template app building system that offers set app functions and layouts that can be updated to meet your business needs. This allows us to reduce the price of app development and offer apps for businesses and organisations with smaller budgets.

Do you do custom app development solutions?

Yes, we can build you a complete, custom-built and developed app. However, these apps are very expensive and designed to suit your custom business requirements. We are happy to discuss options with you to create a complete custom solution or see if we can meet your expectations with our app-building platform. At Tazzy Apps, we have the expertise you need to create the app your business needs. Reach out and talk to us about our custom application development service.

Pricing your mobile app?

When publishing your app through Tazzy Apps, you can charge people when they download your app. However, it’s important to decide if this is the most effective way to use your app. Our team recommend not charging users for your app unless you are offering a beneficial service to clients. In general, most app developers for retail businesses dont charge for their apps because the app is a marketing tool to engage with their customers.